BUILD Program


BUILD Program



Support for launching a new business, from assessing if your concept is feasible to scaling your company in global markets

BUILD is ventureLAB’s cornerstone program that is designed to support all entrepreneurs as they plan, launch, and expand  a new venture. The program offers valuable advice and resources to qualified entrepreneurs at each stage of the start-up life cycle. BUILD can help you:

  • Begin – develop your great idea into a presentable viable business concept. 
  • edUcate – validate customers and go-to-market plans. 
  • Invest – prepare to pitch to investors to finance business launch and  growth. 
  • Launch – strategic customer acquisition and foundation to scale the company. 
  • expanD – expand your company through strategic diversification. 

While designed for technology companies in Advanced Health Technology, Digital Media and ICT, Green Energy, Clean Tech, and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing sectors, BUILD is also suited to entrepreneurs building main-street businesses and social enterprises.

Qualified entrepreneurs can enter BUILD at whichever pillar is appropriate for them and their business, and is decided through though consultation with a ventureLAB client services team member

BUILD contains several activities and services to help ensure entrepreneurs achieves their goals of advancing their business. Each pillar includes a comprehensive workshop series focused on applying appropriate business practices for that pillar of BUILD. The workshops are instructed by ventureLAB advisors, each with extensive entrepreneurial, corporate, or professional experience and expertise.

In addition to workshops, each BUILD pillar is supported by a range of service that includes access to Market Intelligence, Expert Clinics, Mentors, Advisors, and Networking Groups. When appropriate, you will also be connected to industry experts, potential customers, potential partners, funding agencies, and employment talent.

Whether you are at the concept stage with a clearly articulated product or service idea, or already launched and seeking expansion – the ventureLAB BUILD program may be right for you.

You can access BUILD and other programs by registering to become a ventureLAB member, or learn about other ventureLAB programs. 

or learn about other ventureLAB programs.

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