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19 Jan 2017

Yeah yeah, we know you’ve been thinking about it for months now, maybe even years, but it’s never the right time. Right? WRONG. Because the seed of innovation inside you only needs a little water to grow, and we’re willing to bet you drank at least one glass of water today.

Maybe you’ve had an idea for a while now about how to completely transform how people use technology with a new wearable device, but it feels a little overwhelming. That’s natural, and we’d be surprised if you didn’t feel overwhelmed at the very thought of it. But that’s no reason to not start and at least give it a shot. Here’s why:

  • There are literally dozens of resources to try out your idea. Makerspaces are popping up all over the place and you can whip up a 3D printed prototype in a matter of hours. A few of our favourites are the library and NewMakeIt up in Newmarket. Not only can you try out your prototype but there are people there that can help you get from concept to completion. Doesn’t feel so lonely after all, right?
  • On the note of loneliness, we know how tough it can be to get up every day with nowhere to go except your garage. Water cooler talk is almost as essential as coffee, especially when it comes to inspiring some creativity. So why not check out a co-working space? Our pals in the Creative Space have desk space and meeting rooms for your big investor pitches. Or hey, ventureLAB just started offering space too, so you can come bounce ideas off us whenever you want! (Pssst, send Rachel an email and let her know you’re interested in a desk!)
  • All over the place, you’ll find organizations that want to help you build your business, whether it’s a wearable, a social innovation or just a community of people to help you develop your ideas. Have we convinced you to take the plunge yet?

Listen, if you just need a little bit more inspiration, why not check out some of the successful entrepreneurs we’ve seen walk through our doors? And as that old saying goes, build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. That Farrah Grey is a smart guy.

When you’re ready to take the plunge, give us a call!

Questions? Comments? Send us an email at or Tweet us at @ventureLABca!

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