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Who: Eugene Cherny
When: Launched June 2015
Located in: Markham, ON
Jobs Created: 4


Company History

When Eugene Cherny learned that the 'latest' innovations in wheelchairs were made more than 60 years ago, he knew he could put his background in science, experience in business, and entrepreneurial spirit to good use. He founded Cheelcare in May of 2015 with the desire to bring real mobility to people with disabilities. Eugene engaged a group of talented people with technical and business backgrounds to join him and to apply their common knowledge and effort on this quest to modernize/revolutionize mobility for the disabled.

The Product

Cheelcare's core product - a modern power wheelchair - delivers a better quality of life to people with disabilities by utilizing the latest technology to improve mobility without the need for the aid of costly auxiliary devices. CheelCare's patent pending technology provides multi-functionality, allowing for different body positioning - tilting, reclining, full-flat, height changes, as well as focuses on improved safety.

Cheelcare PWC gives people with disabilities more freedom to perform daily activities independently.

The Relationship

Cheelcare began its relationship with ventureLAB since the company was founded in May 2015. Through industry related and general business workshops, one-on-one mentorship and counsel, ventureLAB helped the company develop a sustainable business plan and marketing strategy. VentureLab guided the team on IP protection strategy, provided invaluable insight, guidance and mentoring support that was crucial to Cheelcare’ development.


“Moving from multi billion business environment to start-up atmosphere presented its challenges. VentureLab provided invaluable support and guidance to smooth out the change and open the gates to vibrant, innovative community of entrepreneurs and startups.” Eugene Cherny


May 2015 – Cheelcare was founded

September 2015 – Assembly of prototype 2. Idea validation and proof of concept.

January 2016 – Cheelcare filed for patent.

February 2016 – Cheelcare was awarded the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) SmartStart Seed Fund.

April 2016 – Assembly of prototype 5!

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