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Building a community of passionate entrepreneurs to support social innovation in York Region.

What is communityBUILD?

communityBUILD is a program focused on developing a social innovation ecosystem in York Region.  The program is supported by its four founding partners: ventureLAB, Seneca College, York University and United Way Toronto & York Region.

At communityBUILD’s heart is a community of mission-driven entrepreneurs focused on addressing major social issues, whether on a local or global scale. Supporting that community are the resources and supports created from the networks and knowledge of the founding partners. Together, these elements help to power a vibrant and impactful social innovation ecosystem.

The communityBUILD program will include a staged development pipeline for its social entrepreneurs designed around two phases:

  1. A combined Accelerator and Incubator for social ventures near to launching their solution to  market. This program will be launching in early spring 2016 .
  2. A Design Lab for aspiring social entrepreneurs and those who want to work with them.  Participants want to dig into an important social issue in York Region and learn the tools of Design Thinking to begin to develop solutions.  This will launch in autumn 2016.

Who will benefit from communityBUILD?

  • Mission-driven individuals of any age and experience who want to have a positive impact on social issues by working at the confluence of mission and business
  • Social entrepreneurs with ventures that are within a few months of launch into market
  • Nonprofit organizations with a mandate to build a social enterprise or who want to better understand the risks and opportunities of social enterprise
  • Businesses, non-profits and governments that are interested in contributing to the growth of a vibrant, world-class ecosystem for social entrepreneurs in York Region,
  • Anyone interested in following the growth of communityBUILD and receiving information on upcoming events

Upcoming communityBUILD Events

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