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Tracy Milner & Heather Condello
   Launched: October, 2013
   Website: www.brainfx.com


Engage Biomechanics

      Founders: William Gage, Andrew Eckford, Craig Leonard, and Mirvise Najafe
      Launched: Launched 2012
                                                                 City: Markham, ON
                                                                 Website:  www.engagebiomechanics.com


HandyMetrics Corporation

         Founders: Michael Tsang
         Launched: August 9, 2010
         City: Toronto, ON
         Website: www.handyaudit.com



               Founders: Payman Aleagha
               Launched: January 15, 2013
               City: Toronto, ON
               Website: www.websitebox.com



Switch Video

      Founders: Andrew Angus,
      Launched: Launched February 2006
      City: Collingwood, ON
      Website: www.switchvideo.com




Founder: Courtney Cole
Launched: September, 2013
City: Richmond Hill
Website: www.forahealthyme.com

The guidance on customer development we have received from our ventureLAB advisor, has been crucial in aligning the business around the real needs of our customers.  From our product, to our support and pricing models, we've shaped the company to fit the unique needs of the customers we serve. Our advisor was also key in assembling and aligning the executive team who lead the company.

Craig Leonard - Engage Biomechanics
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Entrepreneur Spotlight
Michael Tsang
Michael Tsang

Handy Metrics Corporation

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