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Connecting entrepreneurs to business funding opportunities in Ontario

The ventureLAB GENESIS Project is a funding discipline for Ontario's start-up ecosystem, facilitating an effective connection between companies and investors.

GENESIS works with companies at any stage, with a significant potential for investment return. Selected companies are paired with carefully screened active investment partners. The GENESIS process of preparation, advice  and due-diligence creates the ideal environment for identifying, developing  and executing investment transactions.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs:

  1. Maximize your success at pitching to investors by developing a compelling investment case for your business.
  2. Streamline the due diligence process with a comprehensive due diligence book assembled and reviewed by the GENESIS Team.
  3. Guidance through the investment process with a ventureLAB Executive In Residence to gain immediate feedback, suggestions, and direction on your progress.

If your company has significant potential for investment return, and the evidence and progress to back it up, you could be a candidate for the GENESIS program.

The GENESIS Team leverages ventureLAB program resources and adds investment oversight, analysis, and guidance to support startup-ups poised for near-term investment and growth.

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