ventureLAB provides entrepreneurs a range of services to support their progress as they build their venture. Whether you are focusing on completing a BUILD pillar, or have been admitted to GENESIS or Healthcare Ecosphere programs, you will benefit from these core support services.

Experienced and Expert Advisors

You will meet many of ventureLAB’s advisors at BUILD workshops, where they might be instructing a session, or critiquing your business pitches. You will find that each has an exceptional background and a strong desire to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Each has had extensive experience starting and growing companies like you are doing, or have extensive experience in corporations that you seek to partner with. All have worked with a large variety of entrepreneurs and have helped them to progress in their ventures. You may hear advisors called EIRs, Executives in Residence, or Entrepreneurs in Residence. At ventureLAB, these all mean the same thing.

As you progress in the BUILD program, an advisor will be assigned to monitor your venture, and to touch base periodically to check on your progress.

The role of the advisor will intensify when you identify a key strategic business milestone. The advisor will help focus on your milestone and apply the ventureLAB and the extended network to help you achieve the milestone.

Volunteer Mentors

Mentors play an essential role in the development of every entrepreneur. The best mentors are experienced and talented business people in their own right, who desire to assist new entrepreneur, often because they were assisted by mentors in their earlier ventures. Strong entrepreneurs are constantly searching for compatible, resourceful, and enthusiastic mentors.

ventureLAB offers participants in the BUILD program the opportunity to connect to a pool of interested mentors through an on-line portal. Each mentor in the portal has been invited to join by a ventureLAB staff member or advisor. Each has a special area of skill and interest, and connections are made based on matching skills to needs, and matching interests. (For example, one mentor might be skilled at raising investment, but only interested in working with entrepreneurs with mobile applications that have revenue.) 

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