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We're here to help your business get further, faster. How do we do that? Through a curated selection of programs, workshops and opportunities for exceptional entrepreneurs, just like you. 

Here you can discover the different ways that ventureLAB can help you grow your business. Or, if you're already familiar with how we help, jump to our programs section to see if one of our current offerings can work for you.

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We have a team of experts that work closely with ventures to help them reach their business goals.

We can help you with:

While you’re developing your business, let us give you some of the essential tools to help you turn your ideas into a scalable company.

We’ll help you work towards every company’s number one goal, acquiring customers.

We can help you find strategic industry partners to access and leverage your market faster, and more efficiently.

We can help you access grant funding and get you in front of investors from all over York Region, Simcoe County and Muskoka District.

By doing this:

Our customized programs and workshops will provide you with the necessary tools to help you progress your business.

Our group of incredibly passionate, experienced and talented advisors will help guide you to your ultimate goals.

We work with the community to help your business and find solutions to your challenges.

From market intelligence reports to exclusive ventureLAB client opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

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We work closely with our community partners to develop the innovation ecosystem to create receptive markets for your business.

How We Work Together

We collaborate with our partners to leverage resources, share expertise, and develop strategic programs for the ventureLAB community that meet shared and individual objectives, build a strong ecosystem, and drive innovation.

We invest in collaborations that drive results aligned to partner objectives and advances a connected innovation community.

We work with our expert partners to develop cutting edge workshops and thought-leadership events that are strategic, relevant and impactful.

We build programs that benefit our clients and partners, addressing innovation and market priorities.

Our small but mighty team has a broad reach! We value collaborating with our partners to connect and share across this network.

Our Partners


We welcome collaboration! To become a partner, contact Justine Kintanar, Director, External Relations, or stop by the ventureLAB office!


We make connections between entrepreneurs, institutions and large organizations to drive innovation.

It's About the Perfect Fit

We help facilitate meaningful connections for you and your company to large institutions, networks and strategic leaders to help accelerate your business growth.

We believe in dual purpose connections, so we ensure we connect our ventures and partners with companies that can deliver mutual benefits.

No one can be the best at everything. That’s why we work with our ventures and partners to bring experts to the table and to build towards common objectives. Cluster development, technology specialization and innovative programs are the result of strategic alliances.


Here are a few of our current programs. Check back often for new program launches.

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Become a ventureLAB member and join our community to participate in ventureLAB programs.