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SkyPrepFounders: Babak Barkhodaei, Arash Barkhodaee, Sepand Barkhodaee
Founded: August 2012
City: Thornhill, Ontario
Jobs Created: 9



The Story

In 2012, the SkyPrep founders were approached by a colleague who was in search of online training software. Baffled by the fact that they could not find a platform that offered everything they needed while still being easy to use and navigate, they decided to create one. By October, a beta version of the product was ready for testing. A few issues aside, the response was near unanimous – SkyPrep was one of the most user-friendly learning management systems (LMS) that the users have ever tried. Utilizing the feedback gained from the beta launch, the SkyPrep team made a few changes to the platform and released the first consumer version in January 2013. With proof-of-concept established, they pitched their product to the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) incubator at Toronto's Ryerson University and were accepted in July 2013. With a larger workspace secured, the team was able to grow – in size, talent, and efficiency. Fast-forward to July of 2015, and SkyPrep has become one of the top providers of small to mid-sized corporate LMS. Over the span of three years, SkyPrep has evolved from just an idea to a company that has over 400 customers, including the Buffalo Bills, ThyssenKrupp, AIMIA, the YMCA, and United Way. Working out of a brand new office, the SkyPrep team continues to push the boundaries of the e-learning industry and strives to constantly improve the experience of their users.

The Product

SkyPrep’s mission is to enable any organization to easily deliver, automate, and scale their training and learning. Built around simplicity and ease-of-use, the platform is as user-friendly as they come without sacrificing any of the functionality that you need. Even if it’s your first time using an online training platform, the simple and intuitive design clearly guides the user and allows administrators to perform any action with the least amount of clicks.

Whether it’s content delivery, user management or reporting, SkyPrep has the tools that allow optimization and scaling of training with minimum administrative investment. For instance, why spend time marking exams when you could have your training platform mark them for you?

SkyPrep also allows for heavy customization, letting users feel as though they are working in a native application instead of a third-party one – everything from color theme and logo to the automated emails and platform URL are customizable.

Creating a truly universal LMS has been a long journey, but now that we're there, the quality of our platform shows. The SkyPrep LMS is meant to be the easiest to navigate without compromising any of the functionality you would expect from a LMS. There's a reason that companies like ThyssenKrupp, AIMIA, the YMCA, United Way, the Buffalo Bills, and the Vancouver Canucks use SkyPrep… We're the LMS without the mess.

The Relationship

With access to sales and marketing workshops, ventureLAB has been an incredible help for our business. Sales and marketing is such a dynamic environment and things are always changing. Any advice is always welcome, and the advice that we have received has always been good. ventureLAB’s endorsement of our company has also brought us more brand awareness – something that companies are always looking for. Their connections have also enabled us to apply for government programs and funding, such as with the EMA (Export Market Access).

The Quote

For small companies like us in the GTA, the services that ventureLAB offers are essential to foster strong development and to build lasting connections, opening up new avenues for growth in the future.


Aug 2012 – Incorporated

Oct 2012 – Beta launch of the SkyPrep platform

Jan 2013 – Launch of first consumer version of SkyPrep

July 2013 – Joined the DMZ

Dec 2013 – 100+ clients

Dec 2014 – 300+ clients and release of new user interface

Feb 2015 – Moved out of the DMZ and into a new office

July 2015 – 400+ clients


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