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Switch Video

Switch VideoFounder: Andrew Angus
Launched: February 2006
Where: Collingwood, ON
Jobs Created: 30+



The Story

For Andrew Angus the light bulb went off when he was tasked with creating a short video to explain his fuel company to potential clients. He realized that if he needed a video to get his message to resonate with prospects, other companies would need the same – and he could help.

Switch Video was launched with the purpose of simplifying information and relaying it in a format that is aligned with how the world is learning and absorbing information. More and more people are relaying on digital sources like video to discover new information.

The Product

Switch Video Explainer Videos are short, 60-90 second, videos that clearly articulate a company’s product or service. With a specialty in animation, Switch creates timeless characters and messages that lend themselves to creativity through colour, character, and concept.

The Quote

“ventureLAB helped us to find the financing that was critical to our continued success. It helped us find the best financing options to help Switch Video continue to grow. We worked together to get approved for a loan from BDC that helped us expand and set a solid foundation moving forward."

The Timeline

2011 Switch Video achieves # 16 on Profit Hot 15

2012 Opened first US office in San Francisco.

2014 Clients include Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Microsoft, Bayer, Abbott, and many others. Over 600 videos created for the biggest brands in the world.


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