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Linda Zadeh

CEO and Co-Founder

EPIC Semiconductors

Linda is the visionary founder and CEO of EPIC Semiconductors. With her profound knowledge in biomedical engineering (MSc from FSU) and a passion to be at the spearhead for Next-Gen Innovations, Linda has dedicated her life to invent nano sized self-powered (battery-free) semiconductors that can "feel, tink, learn, and respond" to any changes in the environment.

 Her endeavour is on the way to lead the "pre-quantum age" as she found new ways to use "electron-entanglement" to wirelessly power- and communicate with printable and flexible (hybrid) circuits. Starting from zero and a decade of intensive self-financed R&D, Linda's outstanding technology is valued more than $700M and has secured over 20 granted patents.

She has earned the respect of Fortune 500 leaders on a global scale and successfully has established international cooperations.