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Ray Minato

President and Founder


Ray Minato is an accomplished mechanical engineer, leader, and entrepreneur on a mission to build world-class product innovation, design, and manufacturing teams who deliver outstanding products and customer experiences. With a career now spanning over 25 years, Ray is constantly learning and adjusting course.  After graduating from Queen's University, Ray started his career in automotive manufacturing, moving on to racecar engineering and design, and eventually business operations, entrepreneurship, and more recently, investor.

Prior to starting his company Inertia, Ray set out and accomplished his childhood dream of designing racecars and then competing as a race engineer (and winning) on the world stage at prestigious events such as the 24hrs of le Mans and the 24hrs of Daytona.   Ray left that world of speed and excitement to create his own exciting entrepreneurial journey with the founding of Inertia in 2004. Recently recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work in Canada, and one of Canada's fastest growing companies, Ray leads an outstanding team at Inertia Product Development, a global hardware-product innovation, design, and manufacturing consultancy with offices in Toronto and Guangzhou, works with start-ups to multinationals across a wide range of industries spanning medical devices, agricultural robotics, internet-connected home products, and high-tech sporting equipment.  Inertia partners with those companies to innovate, design, engineer, manufacture, and sometimes invest in - not just what the world needs, but what will make life easier, and what makes us smile.