This is the second year that ventureLAB and The National Home Show have partnered up to showcase some of the latest home and outdoor living tech and innovations. There are innovations in home assist robotics, vertical gardening and home monitoring systems. We’re thrilled to bring you the latest innovations right out of York Region, Simcoe County and Muskoka District! Learn about the 9 exhibitors below.

CrossWing Inc.

CrossWing operates a dedicated R&D lab developing innovative intellectual property enabling mass market Interactive Personal Robotics (“IPR”) systems in fields including telepresence, security and health monitoring.

The Product: virtualMe is a patent-pending, modular, mass-market robotics platform enabling a rich application and peripheral ecosystem. It enables:

  • Virtual Visits – Chat with family members and friends in an immersive experience where you are in control of your virtual presence.
  • Virtual Trips & Exploration – Go shopping, visit NASA, explore museums and more at your pace worldwide.
  • Digital Life & Friendly Assistant – virtualME will gladly help you – Call out, via virtualME, to your friends if you need help. Lookup your favorite show and ask virtualME to let you know when it’s on. Change channels, set reminders and alarms, or watch your house and pet, and receive notifications.
  • Apps-Driven Vertical Markets – Healthcare, homecare, security/monitoring, guides/wayfinding, education, telecommuting, and more!


Solterra Inc.

Shared housing and shared ownership is on the cusp of becoming the next new and exciting venture for the housing market in Canada. Solterra’s goal is to improve senior housing opportunities and support services in a manner reflective of age, experience, individual needs and preferences.

The Product: Solterra uses the Mon-Ami System to incorporate smart home technologies into each of their properties. Each tenant can use a wearable or app to identify individual needs and maintain their independence.


PicsAlive Inc.

PicsAlive is a design Studio focused on producing sustainable and fully recyclable prints and solutions.

The Product: PicsAlive brings years of creative design, advertising expertise and deep printing knowledge under one roof. PicsAlive has put in years and countless hours of research, testing, and practice to bring out the highest quality product in all that they offer. The team are visual changers and they want to bring clients’ art to life!


Opilio Labs 

Opilio Labs focuses on using the latest technology to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are consumer friendly using Syndii, their home monitoring system.

The Product: Syndii is an easy to setup and use Internet of Things (IoT) device that informs home owners, recreational property owners and rental property owners of power outages, extreme temperatures and water leaks. Using the latest technology we make setup easy — open the box, plug in Syndii and you are connected.  Power out? No wifi? No problem, Syndii will work in these all too common situations that render other IoT devices useless.


Trinity Telco

The Trinity Phones App creates the functionality of multiple telephone numbers on a single mobile phone without data plans, without WiFi or VOIP.

The Product: The Trinity Phones App is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry BB10 devices.



Modgarden is on a mission to pair beautiful, energetic design with a simple way to grow your own food. The company has shrunk food production and made it possible for everyone to own a tiny farm right in the city, in a condo or home.

Join their tiny farming community and take the world by storm by sowing, smelling, snipping and savoring the evocative taste of real food.

The Product: Modgarden is an indoor self-contained automated organic vegetable growing unit that is designed to feed urban families and expand with their needs. Modgarden is modular, intra-unit adjustable and both vertically and horizontally stackable to accommodate a large (60 to start) universe of vegetables ranging from leafy greens, herbs, micro greens and some root vegetables.

Modgarden’s automation allows a user to essentially ‘set it and leave it’ and also comes with an app helper to guide one through the ‘build-to-seed-to-harvest-to-palate’ process as well as give the customer information about minerals consumed during the day with comparison reports across various plants.

Salient aspects of automation entails, LED lighting to adjust manually according to the plants being grown- greens require a more blue, vs flowering requiring more reds in the spectrum, as well as adjust to speed the growth of plants through automated lighting control. Auto temperature adjustment, as well as sensor based watering are all included in Version 1.

Simply fill the planters with soil, seed, and add water to the tank and turn on. Modgarden will notify a user when water runs out and the app will notify the user when it’s time to harvest.



Vertagro inspires vertical farming to create a healthy, sustainable food source. Grow food in your own home to have an abundance of produce all year round.

The Product: Vertagro provides a unique vertical garden that allows you to turn your kitchen scraps into an abundant supply of organic vegetables.



ProGuard is an onsite applicator of the best glass treatment. When applied to shower glass, our coating resists water spots & mineral buildup, reduces cleaning by up to 90%, eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, and makes owning a glass shower a piece of cake. ProGuard also works wonders on windows, skylights, solar panels, windshields and granite counters, and can restore water damaged glass back to a like-new appearance.

The Product: ProGuard is a 2-step military grade glass treatment designed to protect glass from weathering and typical damage. One time application – lifetime protection, backed with a lifetime warranty.


Good Green Earth Company

Good Green Earth Co. utilizes a unique process called Acidic Anaerobic Fermentation (Bokashi), to effectively and responsibly convert all organic waste into a high value, nutrient rich compost. They have the technology and the systems to address organic waste streams at all levels of scale, from individual consumers to the municipal and county levels.

The Product: The Good Green Earth Composter is an efficient way to turn your food waste into nutrient rich organic soil, without the time, labour, odors, infestations and questionable results of traditional composting. While traditional composting incorporates rotting and decay to achieve results, it also releases greenhouse gases. Bokashi composting utilizes beneficial microbes to ferment the food scraps, then when buried in the garden or container allows the soil microbes to complete decomposition with no foul odors, flies or vermin and most importantly- does not contribute to greenhouse gasses but rather, rebuilds our depleting soil.