Inertia Product Design

Inertia helps customers through the product development process from idea stage all the way to delivering a manufactured product - and all points in between. Interia not only excels at the fun stuff like inventing, designing, and prototyping, but also with the critical details such as design for manufacturing and supply chain management - the stuff that is often overlooked but can make or break the success of a hardware product development project. What does a new frontier look like at Inertia? It’s a blank sheet of paper or a laptop screen glowing with potential. It’s this ‘nothingness’ from which ‘somethingness’ will come. That’s what excites us at Inertia. They recognize the genius in their partners and their team and they believe their destiny is to actualize it. Whatever ‘it’ is that hasn’t been before. And driven by their boundless curiosity, they set out to research, design and develop not just what has never been, but what they need, what will make life easier, what will make them smile. And they have the confidence to get there. Inertia. We realize the new.