Rutuja Jori

Coordinator, Hardware Catalyst Initiative

Rutuja holds a Double Masters Degree with an MBA in Marketing and MSc. in International Business. She believes in the potential to learn something new lies in every conversation, all places traveled, and in every new experience. She draws energy from intellectual interactions – be it talking about smart technologies being an indispensable part of our lives or how it will change the world in the coming years. She has worked with multiple B2B clients across North America, Europe, India and Japan in development of their strategic initiatives. She has been part of cross-functional teams with multiple external and internal stakeholders, which allowed her to establish meaningful relationships with a broad range of people and embrace a multitude of ideas and thoughts. Her passion for innovation and technology-based startups led her to ventureLAB and currently as a Program Coordinator, she is helping tech entrepreneurs grow their ventures leveraging the Hardware Catalyst Initiative Program at ventureLAB.