What is ventureLAB?

ventureLAB is where talented entrepreneurs get help bringing their innovations to market. We apply a unique combination of mentoring, partnering, and connecting to help pioneering entrepreneurs turn their great ideas into globally competitive businesses with successful start-up business training.

Since its inception in 2011, ventureLAB has supported over 3,000 start-ups in the fields of:

  • Advanced health technology
  • Digital media
  • Information communications technology
  • Green energy
  • Advanced materials/manufacturing
  • Clean technology

These businesses have created more than 3,000 jobs and contributed more than $180 million in federal and provincial taxation revenues. 

ventureLAB is a non-profit regional innovation centre that has been cultivating, supporting, and celebrating entrepreneurs in York Region, Simcoe County, and Muskoka District since 2011. ventureLAB   is also a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE).

Why should you become a ventureLAB entrepreneur?

ventureLAB’s innovative start-up support model connects our clients to create a supportive community of entrepreneurs focused on learning, sharing talent, and leveraging ideas. This collaborative model is central to the success of ventureLAB and our entrepreneurs.

As a ventureLAB enterprise you will:

  • Learn – our exclusive BUILD Program is a comprehensive workshop series designed to accelerate your journey through each stage of growth: 
    • Begin – develop your great idea into a viable business concept.
    • EdUcate – prepare a bootstrap business plan to prepare you for launch.
    • Invest – prepare the investor pitch to finance your business growth.
    • Launch – anticipate and take control as your business takes off.
    • ExpanD – grow your company through strategic diversification.
  • Connect – ventureLAB will match you to an advisor who will work with you to review your progress, support you through guidance, and offer personalized advice.
  • Access – exclusive ventureLAB programs will help you access the authoritative market intelligence, research, and data to help support your key business decisions.
  • Attend – ventureLAB’s specialized workshops and clinics provide new opportunities to learn, connect, and grow. 
  • Share – our unparalleled entrepreneur resources offer a wealth of information, tools, facilities, and connections to strengthen your plan as you get started.

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