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How We Work Together

We collaborate with our partners to leverage resources, share expertise, and develop strategic programs for the ventureLAB community that meet shared and individual objectives, build a strong ecosystem, and drive innovation.


Partnerships of Purpose

We invest in collaborations that drive results aligned to partner objectives and advances a connected innovation community.

Workshops and Events

We work with our expert partners to develop cutting edge workshops and thought-leadership events that are strategic, relevant and impactful.

Customized Programs

We build programs that benefit our clients and partners, addressing innovation and market priorities.

Content and Joint Marketing

Our small but mighty team has a broad reach! We value collaborating with our partners to connect and share across this network.


We believe in dual purpose connections, so we ensure we connect our partners with companies that can deliver mutual benefits.

Strategic Alliances

No one can be the best at everything. That’s why we work with our partners to bring experts to the table and to build towards common objectives. Cluster development, technology specialization and innovative programs are the result of strategic alliances.

Who We Work With

We work with a wide variety of partners, including academic institutions, municipal and government partners, hospitals and health providers, industry associations, investor groups, not-for-profit organizations and private sector companies.

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Become a Partner

We welcome collaboration. To become a partner, contact Karen Dubeau, Director of Partner Engagement at, or if you’re ever in the GTA, please stop by the ventureLAB office!

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