Powering Investment in Canadian
Deep-Technology Companies
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What We Offer?
At the HardTech Investor Network, we are improving access to capital for Canadian deep-tech and hardware companies by bringing together a community of aligned investors. We are creating the largest community of hardware and deep-tech investors in Canada.
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Increase Capital Access
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Syndication of Investments
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Collaboration & Due Diligence
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Investor-Startup Alignment
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Technology Validation & Prototyping
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Our Focus
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We work closely with investors, incubators, accelerators, and other startup support organizations to identify high-potential startups across Canada, focusing on 3 main areas:
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We specialize in supporting startups with hardware innovations, recognizing the unique funding and development challenges they face. Our network possesses the specialized knowledge and expertise required to navigate these challenges successfully.
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We aim to improve access to capital for Canadian deep-tech and hardware companies. By connecting startups with knowledgeable and experienced investors, we make it easier for investors to share funding opportunities and help entrepreneurs bring their innovative ideas to life.
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We believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse ecosystem. We actively collaborate with investors, incubators, accelerators, and other startup support organizations to identify high-potential startups across Canada.
About Us
Why HardTech Investor Network?
We are a deep-tech focused investor network backing Canadian pre-seed and seed stage startups. We offer curated investment opportunities and support foundational companies that aim to improve our world.

Our goal is to catalyze investment into hardware and deep-tech technologies by coordinating the community of hardware and deep-tech investors and allowing them to share opportunities with their peers for syndication of deals and due diligence sharing. We are committed to supporting investment in Canadian companies throughout the deep-tech ecosystem.
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HardTech Investor Network
How Do We Provide Value?
For Investors: 
  • Opportunities to invest in high-growth, deep-tech hardware innovations
  • Networking opportunities to build relationships with deep-tech / hardware startup founders and fellow investors
  • Networking opportunities with other deep-tech / hardware investors
  • Support for de-risking investment and accelerating validation of deep-tech / hardware startups
  • Investor education and best practices
For Startups:
  • Knowledgeable and experienced investors 
  • Industry, partners, customers and resources
  • Networking opportunities and mentorship on specific hardware challenges 
  • Funding resources and support for Canadian hardware startups
Interested In Joining?
If you are interested in applying to join as a start-up, please fill out the following application forms:
Startup Eligibility:
  • Hardware and/or deep-tech startup
  • Strong team, innovative technology, and scalable business model
  • Pre-Seed to Series A stage
  • Raising between $250K to $2M
In one of the below industries:
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Biotech
  • Clean energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • Semiconductor
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical devices
Our Members
Our Partners
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"NACO is thrilled to support the launch of the HardTech Investor Network (HIN). We firmly believe in the potential of Canadian entrepreneurs to lead the next wave of global innovation, and HIN aims to be a driving force, forging a future where Canada's hardware and deep-tech entrepreneurs are equipped with the resources and support they need to transform their groundbreaking ideas into globally impactful products."

Claudio Rojas

"There is a clear need to bring together hardware-focused startups and investors. We know from working with local Medical Device innovators that hardware innovation has a ripple effect, leading to more jobs, more capital investment, more partnerships, and stronger supply chains."

David Van Slingerland
CEO, Sterling Industries
HardTech Investor Network
- Press Release
MARKHAM, Ontario – June 28, 2023 – ventureLAB announced the launch of the HardTech Investor Network (HIN), the only hardware and deep-tech focused investor network supporting pre-seed and seed stage startups in the country at York Region’s #YRtech pavilion at Collision today...

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June 28, 2023

ventureLAB Unveils Canada’s First Hardware Angel Network

ventureLAB News
Hardware Angel Network
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If you are interested in joining the HardTNetwork as an investor member, please contact: ‍
To check your eligibility as a start-up and see if this program is right for you please contact us at: