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Breaking into North American markets calls for deep market knowledge and an experienced support network who can assist you in your journey.

ventureLAB’s Canada Catalyst Program is an exclusive program now being offered to eligible companies from outside Canada. Dedicated to supporting hardware or enterprise software companies with an AI or MedTech focus, this program is enabling international companies to go global by growing and scaling in York Region - one of the fastest growing Canadian tech ecosystems. This program provides direct resources to accelerate commercialization at scale with personalized attention through a focus on: understanding the Canadian business landscape, raising capital, attracting Canadian talent, custom acquisition and commercializing technology and IP. 

Program fee (in CAD): $15,000 per company.
Up to 2 founders or members from the leadership team can participate in the program. 




OF The program

Companies accepted into the Canada Catalyst Program  will receive up to $20,000 worth of  tools, resources, and services including: 

ventureLAB will facilitate the relocation of your business operations to York Region by providing business incorporation assistance and a free space to work from (for 2 team members), including access to a $7M specialized Hardware Lab, once you’ve landed in Canada.

ventureLAB can facilitate investor/partner connections and introductions to talent. Through participation in Canada Catalyst Program, eligible companies may have the opportunity to gain entry to other ventureLAB programs like the Hardware Catalyst Initiative or Accelerate AI with no additional charge.

ventureLAB will accelerate. your growth through
dedicated in-house advisory services offering support to achieve tailored business milestones, product development roadmaps, an IP strategy, supplier and procurement contracts, as well as resource navigation and market development.

Prototype & Testing Lab
Sq. Ft. Innovation Space
Companies Supported
Jobs Created by our Companies
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Your Company was founded within 5 years immediately preceding the application

Your Company has earned less than $5M in revenue in last 12 months

You have customer engagement that validates the need and demonstrates that the team can attract and work with customers

Your Company is looking to incorporate in Canada.

You have 99 or fewer employees; preferably a co-founding team (of at least 2 or more) capable of product development, customer acquisition, and investment acquisition

If not already located in Southern Ontario, company has plans to establish a long-term presence in Southern Ontario

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Meet the Advisors

Bruno Maruzzo

Advisor, Venture Growth

John Pomeroy

Advisor, Venture Growth

with York Region

ventureLAB, in partnership with York Region, have launched the Canada Catalyst Program to ensure that international companies are enabled to go global by growing and scaling in one of the fastest growing Canadian tech ecosystems. Learn more about Ontario’s York Region by clicking here.  

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