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Julia Elvidge



An Electrical Engineer by training, Julia Elvidge is the past President and co-founder of Chipworks. She has extensive experience growing and evolving a company in the Tech Industry. Her strengths include real industry experience with Intellectual Property issues, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales and Product Management. In addition, she has an incredible passion for understanding customers and employees - and how to keep them engaged. Chipworks was sold to TechInsights, its largest competitor, in June 2016. Involved in all aspects of the sale process and the integration, Julia retired in March 2017. Chipworks and TechInsights are Ottawa based companies that sold or sell intellectual property and technology intelligence related products and services to large Asian, American, and European electronics companies. Both companies did 95% exports. During her as tenure as President of Chipworks, Julia drove the strategic planning process, ensuring input from different levels of the corporation and all members of the senior management team. She was able to bring the right people to the table, promote innovative thinking, facilitate productive discussions, achieve alignment and help the team take the best ideas through the execution phase.

Julia is a member of the Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors, and has attained the ICD.D designation. She is currently Chair of the Board for CybernetIQ and will be elected to the Capital Angel Network Board on June 23, 2020. She has served on the Information Technology Association of Canada’s (ITAC). During her tenure as President of Chipworks, Julia was involved in the Board of Directors and worked closely with Chipworks’ Advisory Board. Despite being retired, Julia stays active in the Tech community by working with founders at Invest Ottawa as an advisor, investor and a board member.