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Shelley Kuipers

Co-Founder and Co-CEO


Shelley Kuipers, Co-Founder/co-CEO of The51 is an activist in business, entrepreneurship and investment, driving business models that are more equitable, diverse, corporately and ecologically sustainable. Shelley is a co-founder of IOVIA and Adventure Capital, and previously founded crowdsourcing company, Chaordix and was a co-founder of Stormworks, which was acquired by Solium. She is also Co-founder and an active board member of a sustainable direct to consumer clothing brand House Kuipers.

Shelley is a serial private investor of companies, startups and entrepreneurs who embody the

type of future she wants to see across the economic universe: namely, those that are sustainable, feminist, purpose-driven and unafraid to disrupt old systems. She has been early-stage investing for the better part of 20 years, with investment experience that started in energy, but quickly diversified into the tech sector with a focus on innovation-driven companies. Shelley is considered a global thought leader in crowdsourcing and community, and is highly sought after as a champion and mentor for entrepreneurs from around the globe.

As an avid brand leader and marketer, Shelley believes in the power of brand, community and participation as a differentiator in newly emerging business models. Shelley has led global brands such as LEGO, IKEA, Nike and Unilever to be participative brands, companies and business models to drive insights, ideas and innovation.