3 Companies to Watch in February 2023

February 6, 2023
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Canadian companies are leading the way in addressing universally shared challenges with their innovative and cutting-edge technologies and products, pushing boundaries across the globe for a better future. 

Curated by ventureLAB, we are proud to present 3 companies to watch in February 2023: Solaires, Dawn Robotics and Precision AI. From Artificial Intelligence based farming solutions to sustainable solar cell technology, these companies are pushing the envelope to create the products of tomorrow.


Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a Canadian cleantech company based in Victoria BC, focused on developing the next generation of solar cells by replacing silicon with perovskite through an innovative and sustainable manufacturing process resulting in affordable solar photovoltaics with higher energy conversion efficiency and higher stability.

Dawn Robotics

Dawn Robotics Inc. specializes in enabling machines to understand real world environments. Our core technology "Glyph" allows for both real-time deformable surface tracking while embedding metadata. Together the two properties which machines derive from "Glyph" directly allows them to both dimensionally and functionally understand how to interact with objects.

Precision AI

Precision AI is on a mission to accelerate artificial intelligence based farming practices that create healthier, happier and more profitable farms.

The trajectory of Precision AI starts with their Founder and CEO, Daniel McCann, a three-time start-up founder with over 25 years in technology within diverse industries. Dan realized how efficient an AI model could be for identifying plants. This discovery along with time spent on family farms planted the seed that became artificially intelligent drones for fully autonomous farming.

Since then Precision AI has raised a record breaking $20 million seed round in 2021, hired over 40 full time employees globally, and have testing facilities in 2 provinces and 3 states.

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