5 Companies to Watch in 2021

December 14, 2020

These are five ventureLAB-supported companies we’re keeping our eyes on in 2021. From sterilization tools to data-driven home buying, these companies are changing the innovation landscape.    

1. STEM Minds

STEMMinds is a K-12 STEM content creator and program provider for both in-person and online learning. With a focus on hands-on, project based learning through programs ranging from robotics and coding to mechatronics, STEM Minds offers children a solid foundation for success in the 21st century.     Learn more about STEM Minds on their website: www.stemminds.com

2. Bionic-i

 Current manual cleaning methods are infrequent and insufficient for creating safe work environments. Bionic-i has created a powerful sterilization robot called LightShield, which continually sterilizes viral particles and allows workers to maintain their safety in shared spaces — without the interruption and expense of manual cleaning or HVAC solutions.     Learn more about Bionic-i on their website: www.bionic-i.com

3. Able Innovations

 Patient transfers across healthcare facilities can be costly and unsafe. AbleInnovations combines empathy and technology with their platform DELTA, which creates a secure way to move patients from point A to point B, minimizing risk and labour costs.     Learn more about Able Innovations on their website: www.ableinnovations.ca

4. Homewise

Homewise leverages data-intelligence to ensure that home buyers are getting the best mortgage without the hassle and confusion of traditional processes. Their platform simplifies and tailors the customer experience with automation and predictive technology to save clients time.     Learn more about Homewise on their website: thinkhomewise.com


AXIS develops innovative window covering solutions that blend intelligence with simplicity. They launched Gearas a smart device that motorizes and automates existing window shades in minutes. AXIS is on a mission to transform the window shade industry with smart and simple technology.    Learn more about AXIS on their website: helloaxis.com

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