5 Companies to Watch in 2023

Yara Jouzy
December 15, 2022
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2022 was another notable year of growth and success for innovative companies as they continued to disrupt new markets and make waves in the ever-changing tech world. With a few weeks left until the end of the year, we can’t help but look forward to what’s to come. 

Here are the five ventureLAB-accelerated companies we’re keeping our eyes on in 2023; Suppli, Hyivy Health, VoxCell BioInnovation, Awake Labs and Dawn Robotics. From reusable packaging solutions to mental health and oncology 3D Bioprinter solutions, these companies are solving problems in the most innovative ways.

  1. Suppli is a food and beverage company that partners with restaurants and food shops to provide eco-friendly takeout container services. Consumers can subscribe for free and can ask any participating restaurant to package their takeout food into reusable Suppli containers. They look after the pick-up of containers at homes/offices, and are proud to partner with a proven professional cleaning service that takes care of the sanitization. Suppli pride themselves on supporting consumers to live their values, and businesses to operate more sustainably.
  2. Hyivy Health is creating the first intelligent and holistic pelvic rehab healthy technology devices for women with pelvic-based cancers and diseases. The company’s vision is to provide lifetime value to women globally, and their mission is to support and care for women who are on a journey to a better quality of life, one pelvic floor at a time.
  3. VoxCell BioInnovation provides an extraordinary line of human-like tissue solutions for the drug development industry and the field of Oncology research by creating 3D vascularized cancer tissue models. Their 3D Bioprinter uses a state of the art laser with a process that crosslinks bioink with extreme precision, producing incredible high resolution 3D bioprinted tissues. Combined with their proprietary software, VoxCell is able to print tissues with vasculature for more meaningful in vitro testing.
  4. Awake Labs is a Toronto-based platform that provides real-time and objective measures of stress to help increase quality of life. Awake Labs is on a mission to give everyone the mental health support they deserve. Today the company works to support adults who have an intellectual or developmental disability, members of a community that is often overlooked.
  5. Dawn Robotics specializes in enabling machines to understand real world environments through augmented reality. Their core technology "Glyph" allows for both real-time deformable surface tracking while embedding metadata. The insights the machine derives from "Glyph" directly allow for an understanding of how to interact with objects both dimensionally and functionally. Dawn Robotics offers robotic texture swapping, deformation tracking, animated clothing, and human demonstration, to transfer knowledge from the robot to the environment.

We are looking forward to seeing what strides these companies make in 2023!

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