Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare with Able Innovations and the Siemens Software Award

Jessica Miller
January 5, 2024
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On November 9th, 2023, Siemens announced Able Innovations as the recipient of the Siemens Software Award at the HardTech Pitch Gala, reflecting Siemens' recognition of Able Innovations' innovative accomplishment in addressing a significant challenge within the healthcare industry. We recently sat down with Jim Gernatt, Americas Lead: Accelerators, Incubators & Innovation Ecosystems at Siemens to discuss Able Innovations’ impact on the ever-evolving healthcare and MedTech industry. We also had a chance to sit down with the CEO of Able Innovations, Jayiesh Singh, and discuss how the company will benefit from the valuable software package awarded by Siemens going forward.

Able Innovations is developing advanced robotic solutions to tackle the pressing problem of patient transfers in healthcare. The goal is to alleviate the physical strain and undignified challenges experienced by front-line staff and patients during the transfer process.  The traditional hospital transfer methods often lack the maneuverability required for seamless and safe transfers. This deficiency results in injuries, not only on the patients themselves, but also on the healthcare professionals responsible for facilitating these transfers.

Able Innovations has created an innovative solution to mitigate the physical risk to both patients and healthcare professionals. Able’s ALTA Platform™, is a single operator device that utilizes an array of advanced sensors, actuators and algorithms to automate the transfer process, eliminating the need for physical strain for healthcare professionals, and offering a dignified and safe experience for patients.

With the critical role that patient transfers play in the healthcare system, Gernatt and his team at Siemens sees Able Innovations as a fitting recipient for the Siemens Software Award. The complexity of Able Innovations' device, involving mechanical, electrical, and software components, aligns with Siemens' vision to create a safer and more streamlined environment for both patients and healthcare workers. 

The software package that Siemens awarded Able Innovations included their state-of-the-art design tool, NX Mach 3, along with their data management platform, Teamcenter, and software from the Simcenter portfolio. This comprehensive software package is designed to assist Able Innovations in streamlining data management and the design process, and to ensure optimal functionality and compliance with regulatory standards in Canada. Singh spoke directly about the benefits of the Siemens software awarded to Able Innovations:

“Siemens is a strong leader in the industry constantly developing for hardware solutions whether it’s in aeronautics, automotive or healthcare. The Siemens Software award gives us access to critical packages that can really help us on our journey as we scale up, not just in a design sense, but also in manufacturing and managing our suppliers. This is very powerful software that our team will derive plenty of value from.”

The Siemens Software Award highlights Siemens' dedication to supporting innovative companies, like Able Innovations, that address real-world challenges. Gernatt elaborated on Siemens' commitment to supporting groundbreaking innovations that have a tangible impact on various industries:

“ventureLAB represents this amazing credibility in the founder ecosystem across Canada. We believe that by partnering with companies in the ventureLAB ecosystem with Siemens’ software, companies are going to hit their development cycle milestones faster and more consistently.”

Gernatt also sees the strategic significance of ventureLAB in the ecosystem, emphasizing the unique blend of industries and the opportunities present in Markham. It is clear to him that ventureLAB plays a crucial role in fostering Canadian startups that focus on pushing the boundaries of hardware technology here in Canada. Singh echoed Gernatt’s thoughts, pointing out the value of ventureLAB’s partnership with Siemens. 

“First and foremost, venture has positioned itself as a leader when it comes to companies doing anything associated with hardware. It’s a very tough and nuanced space which is now making a bit of a presence in Canada, but I'd say ventureLAB is really bringing these stakeholders together and that's kind of where the partnership and Siemens is really relevant. We’re getting early access to software that we may not be able to otherwise.”  

Thank you to both Jim Gernatt and Jayiesh Singh for their valuable input and congratulations to Able Innovations for winning the award!

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