Advisor Series: Embracing Fear - Lessons from Danielle Graham's Adventures for Entrepreneurs

Kai Luk
September 6, 2023
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Let's talk about bravery—the kind that gets your heart racing and your palms sweaty. Danielle Graham, a seasoned advisor in ventureLAB, is a real-life adventurer who has scuba-dived, train-hopped and backpacked solo. But what's even more interesting is how she sees being fearless as a way to tie into the world of startups and entrepreneurship, where taking risks is a way of life.

Danielle's journey with fear weaves courage and her determination to overcome it. Her childhood fear of turtles transformed into a love-fear dynamic, propelling her to study them, and ultimately led to a life changing scuba diving trip where Danielle plunged into water filled with sea turtles in Puerto Rico. As she witnessed the elegance of the turtles swimming underneath the sea - right at that moment, Danielle realized confronting fears can yield more lasting rewards than the fleeting thrills of an amusement park ride.

Years later, Danielle traveled across the globe and found her calling in the heart of downtown Toronto, overcoming obstacles one after one in the world of tech startups through her bravery to face the unknown, much like the way she did with her fear of turtles.

When we are standing at the edge of a high diving board, our hearts race naturally. The leap is scary, but the exhilaration on the other side is what makes it worth it. As a seasoned investor, Danielle thinks the very same concept also applies to entrepreneurship: Founders weigh the risks, plan their moves, as they dive headfirst into the uncertain waters of building a business with a mission in their hearts to overcome fears and traumas. 

One thing that's very interesting is that a lot of founders have actually overcome trauma. When you hear a founder's story and they're starting from the problem or the examples, sometimes they're talking about themselves or a family member,” Danielle said. “There's something very deep rooted in the problem that they're trying to solve. Why this obsession with this particular topic? There could be deeper meaning even in cybersecurity, in someone who wants to make sure that people are protected.

Danielle's story also shows how personal experiences shape our paths. Just like she took her fears and turned them into adventures, entrepreneurs harness their beliefs to drive innovation. Each entrepreneur's story is a blend of small wins, setbacks, and moments of growth. These experiences shape their perspectives, much like Danielle's encounters with sea turtles that shaped her. 

Danielle's journey from fearing sea turtles to diving alongside them is a metaphor for her approach in guiding founders and startups - She is driven to help entrepreneurs overcome their uncertainties and dive into the realm of business with confidence. Her experience with sea turtles inspires her to believe that confronting fear leads to profound growth, and this philosophy is at the core of her role in helping founders grow, as she empowers them to transform their fears into stepping stones towards success. 

The founders [ventureLAB works with] already have that much courage that it's even more fun to see them succeed, because all you need to do is give them a ladder, and they'll climb up that cliff. I like that I'm part of their journey, and I like to see them take on that adventure.

The next time you're faced with a nerve-wracking decision, think of Danielle’s scuba diving trip with sea turtles. Embrace your fears, acknowledge them, and step forward with the same spirit of an adventurer. The path from fear to triumph isn't just a story—it's a reminder that even in the face of fear, you can dive into the unknown and emerge stronger on the other side.

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