Revolutionizing Breast Health Screening with Canada Catalyst Company, Linda Lifetech

February 28, 2024
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At ventureLAB, we're committed to supporting innovative startups that are making a difference in healthcare. We are proud to shine the spotlight on a Canada Catalyst company, Linda Lifetech, a company that's transforming breast health screening with cutting-edge technology.

Rubens Fernando Mendrone, CEO and founder of Linda Lifetech, shares his journey of joining ventureLAB's Canada Catalyst. Introduced to the team by an investor and mentor, Rubens recognized the strategic partnership and invaluable support ventureLAB provides to startups like Linda Lifetech.

So, what exactly is Linda Lifetech? 

Imagine a software running on a simple device—an Android phone paired with an infrared sensor. This innovative solution, named Linda, revolutionizes breast health screening. With just a picture of the patient's breast taken using the infrared sensor, Linda analyzes the image in seconds, providing primary healthcare professionals with insights into breast abnormalities.

"Empowering healthcare providers to make better, safer, and more reliable decisions." - Rubens Mendrone, CEO and Founder of Linda Lifetech

In just 15 seconds, Linda can determine the suspicion level for any breast abnormality, empowering healthcare providers to make better, safer, and more reliable decisions. By offering a quick and efficient screening tool, Linda aims to enhance the early detection of breast tumours and improve patient outcomes.

What sets Linda Lifetech apart is not only its cutting-edge technology but also its commitment to supporting primary healthcare professionals in making informed decisions. By providing reliable screening results, Linda ensures that patients receive timely referrals for further examinations, ultimately leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Linda Lifetech joined Canada Catalyst, funded by York Region, on its mission to expand to the Canadian tech ecosystem and revolutionize breast health screening, gaining access to a dedicated team, state-of-the-art facilities, and invaluable expertise.

Check out the video below to learn more about Linda Lifetech’s innovative solutions and how they’re reshaping the industry to make a positive impact!

About Canada Catalyst

Canada Catalyst Soft Landing Program, in partnership with York Region and funded by the Innovation Investment Fund, is a specialized three-month program for international companies in the hardware and enterprise technology sectors, with a specific focus on DeepTech. By leveraging ventureLAB’s personalized business advisory services, access to exceptional talent from renowned Canadian institutions, an experienced support network, and extensive market expertise, Canada Catalyst serves as a springboard for international companies to enter the Canadian market and beyond.

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