Semiconductor Innovation with Canada Catalyst Company, Caliber Interconnects

March 12, 2024
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Caliber Interconnects' story is one of perseverance and innovation. With over two decades of experience, the Canada Catalyst company has evolved into a powerhouse specializing in semiconductor test services, clean energy solutions, power electronics, and artificial intelligence-driven technologies. Their diverse portfolio encompasses a wide array of offerings, including real-time video analytics, industrial automation, solar inverters, EV chargers, and robotics solutions.

Dinesh Prasanna, Senior Vice President of Products and Innovation, emphasizes the invaluable support received from Canada Catalyst in connecting Caliber Interconnects with industry leaders and facilitating access to crucial networks within the semiconductor space. Notably, Canada Catalyst's ecosystem has provided vital financing opportunities, enabling Caliber Interconnects to fuel its product development initiatives.

"York Region's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission to drive innovation in clean technology." - Dinesh Prasanna

Looking ahead, Caliber Interconnects envisions a future marked by continued growth. Suresh Babu, Founder and Managing Director, outlines ambitious plans to create an ecosystem of products spanning from solar inverters to EV chargers and sustainable EV motors. Furthermore, Caliber Interconnects is at the forefront of robotics innovation, with plans to develop a comprehensive range of robotic solutions, including drones, mobile robots, and guided vehicles.

Caliber Interconnects' success story reflects the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines York Region's tech ecosystem. With Canada Catalyst's support, funded by York Region, Caliber Interconnects is growing to achieve new heights of success, driving technological advancement and shaping the future of the semiconductor industry. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Caliber Interconnects’ innovative solutions and how they’re reshaping the industry to make a positive impact!

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Canada Catalyst Soft Landing Program, in partnership with York Region and funded by the Innovation Investment Fund, is a specialized three-month program for international companies in the hardware and enterprise technology sectors, with a specific focus on DeepTech. By leveraging ventureLAB’s personalized business advisory services, access to exceptional talent from renowned Canadian institutions, an experienced support network, and extensive market expertise, Canada Catalyst serves as a springboard for international companies to enter the Canadian market and beyond.

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