Spotlight on AutoMetrics: An Interview with Mike Mohseni

Kathryn Ross
July 14, 2022
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This company is building the machine brain for industrial automation. Meet ‍AutoMetrics  who, with cutting-edge technology, is bringing Inspection 4.0 to proactively monitor quality with intelligent deception. Leveraging machine learning, AI and analytics, AutoMetrics is ensuring that experienced industrial work environments are equipped with real-time monitoring and insightful detection of issues before costly defects and downtime hurt their businesses.

We sat down with Founder Mike Mohseni to learn more about how this member of ventureLAB’s inaugural cohort is revolutionizing the manufacturing game and accelerating for the future. 

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself Mike

I started programming in 2010 for some university projects on materials simulation. My fascination with it kept growing probably because I was always solving real-world problems with software and code. My intro to AI and ML had a similar path; I entered this area through industrial projects in manufacturing. Now, I am proud that our startup, AutoMetrics, is solving some big manufacturing automation issues with advanced software and applied AI.

Tell us about AutoMetrics! What motivated you to start this company?

My academic and professional work before AutoMetrics focused on optimizing manufacturing processes to avoid defects. For perspective, the cost of quality only in global automotive manufacturing is an estimated $60B per year.

What always struck me was how despite all the costs, even the latest industrial robots are incapable of understanding process quality and quality monitoring systems rely on detecting defects after the fact.

 We found the missing piece is the intuition of an experienced operator that even today is highly relevant in automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding. So, AutoMetrics was established to develop the machine brain for complex manufacturing operations that could replicate that intuition.

What makes AutoMetrics unique in the AI space? 

AutoMetrics team has an edge in the AI space due to its advanced knowledge of manufacturing in heavy industries. This has enabled us to take a different look at AI-enabled quality monitoring through our unique technology and business case around it.

What is the biggest challenge you are trying to solve?

Quality monitoring in complex processes such as industrial welding relies on finding defects after the fact. A typical factory spends over a million dollars to address the risk of releasing defective parts or fixing defective parts found at a late production stage. We made quality monitoring proactive to avoid defects in real-time.  

What is the next big goal you want to accomplish for AutoMetrics?

Backed by our PoCs and now successful industrial pilot, our next step is the first phase of scaled sales of our flagship Inspection 4.0 system. For this, attracting capital investments and team expansion are the main support activities.  

You are one of five members of the inaugural pilot cohort of Accelerate AI! What motivated you to apply for ventureLAB’s Accelerate AI program? What is 1 big thing you are hoping to accomplish together with ventureLAB?

A productive program for an AI startup could help navigating the complexity of commercializing an AI-powered product. We found Accelerate AI can offer this support relevant to our market. So, our primary goal in working with Accelerate AI is to connect with a network of knowledgeable advisors in product development, marketing, and business operations. 

How has ventureLAB enabled AutoMetrics to date? Would you advise other founders who are considering this program to apply?

In addition to connecting AutoMetrics with seasoned advisors, the program has provided us with business operations supports such as physical spaces, cash contributions, and connections with investors.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned on your entrepreneurial journey thus far? What advice would you have for other founders who are in the same shoes as you?

It is important to be open to and look for invaluable advice and support from the right sources, as much as it is crucial for founders to be determined and have a solid plan.

About AutoMetrics
AutoMetrics is an industrial automation startup introducing Inspection 4.0, a machine-learning-powered system for quality inspection of welding operations in industries such as automotive suppliers and shipbuilding. AutoMetricsWe leverages advanced analytics enabled by a high-performing sensor and IoT system to provide manufacturers with a centralized quality management platform to avoid defects in real-time and eliminate the risk of poor quality or mitigation costs. 

AutoMetrics envisions extending Inspection 4.0 to a broad range of complex manufacturing operations, replacing the status quo of inspection for defects after production with quality assurance parallel to production.

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