The Cloud-Based Company Changing The Way 3D Printing Is Done

Sarah Kelsey
March 31, 2023
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“While working on 3D printers, I struggled a lot with conventional 3D printing setups,” Henry Zhou, the founder of MECH Solutions Ltd, tells ventureLAB. “I was tired of downloading the slicing software repeatedly, losing the 3D printing model files, and frequent 3D printing failures that obstructed my manufacturing workflow.” 

The solutions to his problem? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Cloud. 

Mech Solutions Ltd, founded in 2017, is a high-tech company that’s developed an AI-empowered 3D printing ecosystem. It provides a cloud-based 3D printing management platform - Cloud 3D Print - that helps users manage all of their 3D printing jobs on the Cloud. By introducing AI into the mix, users can be alerted - by a pop-up notification, email, or a visual - to failures associated with 3D printing. Someone can then either stop or pause the printing job in an instant so they can remedy the issue. The technology is incredibly dependable; it has a low false positive rate and, thanks to AI, is improving day by day. 

Henry says the real-world implications of the tool are exponential, especially for a business’ supply chain.

“The adoption of Cloud 3D Print in the supply chain can bring benefits such as more efficient use of resources and the decentralization of manufacturing,” he adds. “It's achieved through the AI of Cloud 3D Print which reduces the risks of 3D printing defects and essentially contributes to remote monitoring via camera. Moreover, it enables mass customization by providing the customer flexibility in the 3D printing of custom-made products.”

It can also facilitate on-demand self-service for consumers, allowing them to individually scale the desired 3D printing resources without the need for interaction with a service provider. The entire product development process is visualized through the

AI-integrated plugin in Cloud 3D Print.

“[That plugin] provides broad accessibility via any platform, including mobile phones, workstations, and laptops,” Henry notes. “This feature enables elasticity in 3D printing, as resources can be rapidly scaled according to demand, which results in the optimized and measured use of materials.”

With the help of ventureLAB - where Mech Solutions Ltd is part of the 2023 Accelerate AI cohort - Henry says the company is aiming to become an essential player in the 3D printing industry in the next 10 years. 

“I consider VentureLAB to be the most relevant platform where I can showcase and highlight my AI-based product,” he notes. “I believe every tech-based startup like Mech Solutions Ltd needs significant exposure at its foundation stage. The highly qualified board of VentureLAB assists Mech Solutions Ltd in weekly mentorship and guidance, and gives abundant networking resources and economic support.”

The end result is growth for his company. 

“I believe our cloud-based AI solutions can become an industry standard that can monitor all the 3D printing procedures by AI. Users can easily get the newest 3D printers, input the material parameters of a design, and start ordering products on the platform. It will dramatically increase the efficiency of the supply chain,” Henry says. 

He adds: “3D Printing is considered to be one of the fundamental elements of industry 4.0. The exponential growth of technology… in the last decade has given rise to this… and it can revolutionize many industries. I believe the tech-inspired Cloud 3D Print [will be] one such revolutionary technology in the manufacturing world. That’s why what we’re developing is so important and unique.”

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