Unlocking Hardware Advancement with Canada Catalyst-Supported Company, Golden Layout

Jessica Miller
August 24, 2023
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In an exciting stride towards growth within the North American market, Golden Layout Technology - one of ventureLAB's Canada Catalyst companies - has scaled up its operations to Canada. Golden Layout's move into the Canadian ecosystem showcases the power of global collaboration in driving forward groundbreaking advancements in the hardware industry.

Golden Layout is a Taiwanese company focused on providing integrated circuit (IC) layout services. They provide a full, custom analog IC layout service to semiconductor design houses, IP vendors and functions. With over a decade of experience in advanced processes focused on high-speed and AI applications, Golden Layout has clearly differentiated itself within the market for IC layouts. Crucially, the development of innovative layout designs of integrated circuits is critical for producing ever-smaller digital devices with greater functionality.

Founded by Byron Lin, who has over 25 years of layout experience and has worked on over 600 projects, Golden Layout addresses critical problems in the market for IC layouts. These include a lack of layout expertise for advanced processes and difficulty accessing the resources necessary for layout, including engineers or vendors. As was highlighted above, their valuable solutions directly support IC design houses, IP vendors and foundries.  

The company is made up of highly-experienced engineers with a robust supply chain based in Taiwan. They recently joined ventureLAB’s Canada Catalyst program and are looking forward to expanding their team and adapting their services to thrive in Canada. When asked about their involvement in the Canada Catalyst program, Business Development Director, Griffon Lin, stated:

“ventureLAB has a very professional system to support us from the marketing, sales, financing, and legal standpoints. This helps us with our soft landing in Canada and we are very appreciative of the services they have provided to us.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Golden Layout’s innovative solutions and how they’re reshaping the industry to make a positive impact!

About Canada Catalyst

Canada Catalyst Soft Landing Program, in partnership with York Region and funded by the Innovation Investment Fund, is a specialized three-month program for international companies in the hardware and enterprise technology sectors, with a specific focus on DeepTech. By leveraging ventureLAB’s personalized business advisory services, access to exceptional talent from renowned Canadian institutions, an experienced support network, and extensive market expertise, Canada Catalyst serves as a springboard for international companies to enter the Canadian market and beyond.

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