ventureLAB announces Hardware Catalyst Initiative Advisory Board

November 27, 2020
York Region Innovation

ventureLAB is pleased to announce the appointment of industry leaders to the Advisory Board for its Hardware Catalyst Initiative (HCI), Canada’s first hardware and silicon lab and incubator. The Advisory Board members will help shape the HCI’s long-term strategy to secure Canada’s position as a global leader in creating and commercializing semiconductor and hardware-related technologies and pioneering innovations. Joining the HCI Advisory Board are:  

 Today’s announcement comes on the heels of recent announcements with Silicon Catalyst, TSMC, and Arm. This growing network of industry partners signifies the recognition of Canada as a valuable player in the global semiconductor supply chain, a $7 trillion market, which creates 4.89 indirect new jobs for every one semiconductor job, and enables the development of pioneering technologies for IP-rich tech companies. The HCI’s momentum enables emerging tech firms to build and grow their companies in Canada for global markets, or select Canada as their preferred international headquarters.    The HCI’s global partner ecosystem includes NUVIA, a leading-edge silicon design company, who recently raised $240 million in Series B funding, and Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.     Also joining the HCI partner network are Nemko, Muse Semiconductor, Gap Wireless, and INO. These partners, along with the HCI’s founding partners, will give Canadian start-ups broader access to a network of business and technical experts, which will enable companies to accelerate their commercialization at lower cost and risk.     “Today’s introduction of the HCI’s Advisory Board and recent announcements of global partners are indicative of the growing interest of Canada’s leadership in deep tech,” said Melissa Chee, President and CEO, ventureLAB. “The HCI is the Hardware Hub of Canada, and we are excited to bring this expertise to the HCI to enable emerging tech companies to accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough products and become globally competitive players.”    “Keysight's solutions optimize networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost, helping businesses and organizations accelerate innovation,” Denis Jacques, CEO, Keysight Canada. “We are proud to be a partner with the Hardware Catalyst Initiative and be at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies.”    Learn more about the Hardware Catalyst Initiative.

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