ventureLAB Announces Third Hardware Catalyst Initiative Cohort

September 7, 2021
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Today, ventureLAB is proud to announce the latest cohort of companies joining the Hardware Catalyst Initiative, Canada’s only lab and incubator for founders building hardware and semiconductor-focused products. These companies span the width and breadth of some of the most innovative advancements in hardware technology to be found in Canada. These companies bring:  

   ventureLAB’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative enables the creation of transformative technologies that will power our products of tomorrow. With the support of a program designed to help tech companies accelerate their time-to-market in a sector that normally incurs lengthy entry and scale times, the Hardware Catalyst Initiative is enabling Canadian hardware and semiconductor companies to grow and scale locally, to compete globally.

Meet the newest Cohort of the Hardware Catalyst Initiative

EPIC Semiconductors has developed a microscopic AI sensor chip called SMART DUST: A battery-free, energy-harvesting sensor with an integrated pre-quantum superposition processor and AI that communicates wirelessly with the Cloud.          

Just Vertical is an indoor vertical hydroponic company that creates furniture that feeds you. They created the AEVA, a modern indoor hydroponic garden system that brings fresh, nutritious sustainable food to your home, while eliminating food waste.          

Lemurian Labs develops disruptive, ultra low-powered inner-product architecture to make deep learning and computer vision applications on the edge sustainable by reducing energy consumption, and decreasing heat generated through chip processing.          

Nfinite Nanotechnology has developed a functional nanocoating technology that enables the fabrication of devices such as photovoltaics, batteries, displays, smart windows, and flexible electronics. They have created a novel system that can produce large-area, high-quality, ultrathin-films at up to 100x the speed of conventional ALD methods at a lower cost.          

NURO Corp is the manufacturer of NUOS, the Neural Operating System. NUOS allows instant communication and full-scale computing by brain signals without surgery.          

Pontosense’s mission is to enable everyday devices with powerful and user-friendly smart home technology accessible to people around the world. WISe accurately measures heartbeats and breath rates without wearables. Integrations span many industries, empowering everyday products through health and biometrics measurement.          

RockMass Technologies is a mining technology company that was founded in 2016. They provide hardware and software data collection and management tools to record, generate, and process accurate geotechnical information. Their solutions increase productivity, reduce cost and time by automating processes, and improve efficiency and safety of operations.          

TITAN Haptics develops advanced haptic motors for smartphones, consoles and touchscreen devices. Based on a solid-state magnetic suspension, TITAN’s patented Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR) technology offers a console-like experience in smaller devices, key for delivering virtual buttons and AAA-gaming on portable devices.        About ventureLAB    ventureLAB is a leading global founder community for hardware technology and enterprise software companies in Canada. Located at the heart of Ontario’s innovation corridor in York Region, ventureLAB is part of one of the biggest and most diverse tech communities in Canada. Our initiatives focused on raising capital, talent retention, commercializing technology and IP, and customer acquisition have enabled thousands of companies to create over 4,000 jobs and raise more than $200 million in investment capital. At ventureLAB, we grow globally competitive tech titans that build-to-scale in Canada, for global markets. Join us.

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