ventureLAB is one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures!

November 25, 2021
ventureLAB News

ventureLAB has been named one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures Special Section for 2021 by Waterstone Human Capital. This national program recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for fostering corporate cultures that enhance performance and help sustain a competitive advantage.    This award is particularly special as it recognizes not only a strong corporate culture, but one that leads to excellent results. “At Waterstone we believe corporate culture drives performance and that it’s your organization’s greatest asset,” says Marty Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Waterstone Human Capital and Chair of the Canada’s Most Admired™ program. “Each of the 2021 award recipients puts culture at the centre of everything they do, and demonstrates a commitment to culture as a competitive advantage. They set an excellent example of how crafting and sustaining a high performance culture can drive incredible growth and performance.”    ventureLAB is a culture-first, people-driven organization. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are ingrained in our core values, and we lead by example with a gender-balanced, diverse team with a deeply rooted performance-based culture. We are proud of the work that we do, the culture we cultivate, the support we give one another and the pride with which we accomplish our goals.     Winning this award has substantiated for ventureLAB not only recognition of our strong values, but their impact on our strong performance. We want to thank Waterstone Human Capital for this honour, and with it, reiterate our commitment to upholding our strong cultural standards in 2022 and beyond.    

About Waterstone Human Capital

 At Waterstone Human Capital, we inspire organizations to build high performance cultures. We’re a human capital management consulting firm specializing in retained executive search, cultural measurement and assessment, and leadership training and development.We have successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurial-minded, high- growth organizations across North America recruit, measure and train for fit. Waterstone is also the founder of the Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures and Canada’s Most Admired™ CEO programs. These national programs annually recognize best-in-class Canadian organizations and CEOs, for fostering cultures that enhance performance and help sustain a competitive advantage.    

About ventureLAB

 ventureLAB is a leading global founder community for hardware technology and enterprise software companies in Canada. Located at the heart of Ontario’s innovation corridor in York Region, ventureLAB is part of one of the biggest and most diverse tech communities in Canada. Our initiatives focused on raising capital, talent retention, commercializing technology and IP, and customer acquisition have enabled thousands of companies to create over 4,000 jobs and raise more than $200 million in investment capital. At ventureLAB, we grow globally competitive tech titans that build-to-scale in Canada, for global markets. Join us.

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