ventureLAB Pins Make it to Asia

Yara Jouzy
April 23, 2024
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Last month, the ventureLAB team pinned its way across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. The ventureLAB team was on its Mission to Asia trip for two weeks with a mission to grow its networks and partnerships nationally and internationally to better serve its founders and stakeholders. The trip aimed to raise ventureLAB’s profile and facilitate access to international markets for its founders.

Throughout their travels, the ventureLAB team didn't just carry their ambition and passion, but they brought along tangible symbols of their mission. ventureLAB pins became their business cards. The team began with 300 and returned with just the seven they proudly wore. Everywhere they ventured, they were sharing the pins, leaving their mark. Can you spot the ventureLAB pins?

The ventureLAB team also had the opportunity to meet with TSMC, EPOC Foundation and Xbot Park. During these meetings, ventureLAB was showcasing Canadian innovation through its founders and ventures, and demonstrated the depth and quality of Canadian innovation. Through attracting foreign direct investment and fostering collaboration, ventureLAB contributes to the growth of Canadian companies, establishes Canada's reputation as an innovation hub, and further positions Canadian ventures for global success and impact.

More about their trip to come.

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