Ana Misra

Advisor, Founder Services

Ana Misra is a result-driven executive with focus on value creation, with solid entrepreneurial and corporate experience. An accomplished, successful, and passionate executive who fosters strong business relationships.  

Ana is the Co-Founder of York Angel Investors Inc., Co-Chair of Angel One Network and Treasurer of Brampton Angels.  Ana supports the Capital Investment Program at  ventureLAB’s as an Advisor and provides guidance to entrepreneurs in all areas of the business including  Investor's deck preparation, data room population, due diligence assistance, financial modelling, term sheet negotiations.

Ana has helped many startups with defining their value proposition, achieving strategic objectives, providing best practices in financial reporting, operational efficiencies, systems improvements. Ana has an extensive expertise in acquisitions, due diligence & internal controls, for Start-ups, SME's, private and public companies.