Mark Miller

Executive Chairman, Volaris Group and COO, Constellation Software

Mark Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of Volaris Group and Director and Chief Operating Officer of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), the parent company of Volaris. He has worked with CSI, Volaris Group and its subsidiaries for more than 20 years.

In his role as the CEO of Volaris Group, Mr. Miller develops leaders in vertical market software. His global perspective, deep expertise, and passion for building innovative software businesses was honed through his experience as a software developer and founder. He co-founded Trapeze Group in 1995, which was the first company acquired by Constellation Software. Since joining Volaris Group, Trapeze Group has expanded on a global scale.

Mr. Miller is dedicated to giving back to the business community. He currently also serves on the board of ventureLAB, a technology incubator located within one of Canada’s densest technology clusters; and B.C.-based IOVIA, a platform that mobilizes consumers, fans and influencers to help improve brands’ bottom line. Previously, he served on the boards of pVelocity, a Toronto-based provider of profit and cost simulation software; Medgate (now known as Cority), a Toronto-based market leader in occupational health and industrial hygiene software; and EISI.

He also holds a BS in Statistics and Mathematics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.