Paniz Kimiaei

Coordinator, Programs

Meet Paniz, the dynamic and entrepreneurial-minded Program Coordinator at ventureLAB! In her role, Paniz oversees portfolios of early-stage companies and coordinates business advisory services to help them grow their start-ups. With a background in Biomedical Sciences, Paniz has also dedicated her time to volunteering with science outreach organizations, where she developed STEM-specific workshops, events, and educational classes. In addition to her passion for science, Paniz has experience in direct marketing and sales. She has organized in-person campaign events such as fundraising for breast cancer and helping homeowners access internet services during the pandemic. Paniz is a skilled team manager and has led teams of over 20 individuals with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Paniz is thrilled to be part of the ventureLAB team, where she can combine her love of entrepreneurship with her desire to help start-up founders on their entrepreneurial journey. Her friendly and professional demeanor make her an invaluable asset to the team, and she is always eager to connect with and support new start-up founders.