Pieter Dorsman

Advisor, Founder Services

Pieter Dorsman, is a seasoned advisor, investor and mentor who is President & CEO of Redpeaks Management Inc., a consulting firm focused on advising technology companies on capital raising, and restructuring activities. He has also taken on interim management roles at a number of Canadian tech companies. Pieter is also director and CFO at eFund, a Vancouver-based seed stage investment fund; chairman of Lambda Solutions Inc., a cloud-based learning company; and director of Interpodia Technology and VitaminLabs. For Canada’s National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) Pieter has been conducting workshops on term sheets, valuation and angel funds across Canada and internationally since 2015. He also co-created NACO’s common document project, setting a national standard for common, preferred, convertible and SAFE term sheets. Pieter is a regular speaker and panelist and also regularly does talks and workshops in Europe.