Ricky Lau

Founder, CTO

Ricky is a highly experienced semiconductor professional with 16 years of expertise in SoC architecture and mixed-signal design. He has held key roles at prominent companies like ATI, AMD, and Synopsys, overseeing the development of critical designs such as DDR2/3/4/5 PHY, GDDR5 PHY, MIPI D-PHY, and dynamic frequency scaling circuits for CPU and GPU cores. Ricky's influence extends to industry standards, as he contributed to the MIPI Alliance PHY workgroup, shaping the D-PHY and M-PHY specifications. Overall, Ricky is a respected figure in the semiconductor field known for his technical prowess and contributions to innovation.

Areas of expertise: SR&ED Credits, Business Plans, Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnerships, Leadership Skills, Retention, Legal Contracts, Legal - IP, Operation Planning, Compensation & Benefits, Finance : Needs & Options, Geographic Expansion/ Global Markets, Business Administration/Management