Yelena Liman

Founder and CEO

Yelena is an accomplished professional with a strong foundation in both technology and business strategy. Her educational journey began with a BSc in Computer Science, providing her with a solid technical background. To further expand her horizons, she pursued an MBA from the prestigious Technion's entrepreneurship program, where she honed her skills in innovative thinking and strategic decision-making. Yelena's professional journey has included key roles at Intel and Amazon. At Amazon, she led the development of an innovative advertising solution that enabled precise targeting without relying on third-party cookies, ensuring data privacy and regulatory compliance. This solution also provided real-time analytics, optimizing ad campaigns for maximum ROI. During her time at Intel, she initiated and led the creation of a modular testing suite, promoting scalable performance and productivity through automation. Yelena's expertise lies in crafting strategies that enhance productivity, scale performance, and drive profitability for sustainable growth.

Areas of expertise: Business Plans, Partnerships, Go-To-Market, Leadership Skills, Operation Planning, Business Administration/Management, Crafting business strategy, defining business goal, strategic planning