Zvonimir Fras

Staff Software Developer, IBM Canada

Zvonimir is a seasoned problem solver, a relentless serial learner, and a dedicated systems and tech enthusiast. With a passion for continuous improvement, Zvonimir is always on a quest to level up and enhance their skills. Throughout their career, Zvonimir has been on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and machines, striving to improve the understanding and interaction between the two. Their extensive experience as an Advisory Software Engineer at IBM Canada Software Lab in Toronto spans over 6 years and 7 months. Zvonimir's work at IBM showcases their commitment to advancing technology and solving complex challenges. Their expertise and dedication make them a valuable asset in the realm of tech, where they continue to push boundaries and make meaningful contributions to the field of human-machine interaction.

Areas of expertise: Branding, Go-To-Market, Leadership Skills, Software architecture and other technical skills