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What is HardTech?

HardTech is Canada’s premiere hardware technology-focused conference, featuring prominent thought leaders that are putting Canada on the map for hardware and semiconductor innovation, producing transformative experiences, creating groundbreaking products with a global impact, and inspiring the next generation of tech titans.

In its 2nd year, HardTech has grown to reach a global audience that discusses ideas, opportunities, and challenges surrounding hardware and semiconductors. Attendees include new and established tech Founders and CEOs, investors, advisors from major professional services, enterprise, government and media.

Hosted by ventureLAB, our mission is to emphasize the importance of hardware technology and the impact it has around the world.

Why Attend HardTech?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, service provider, or investor, you can't afford to miss HardTech. Interested in a higher profile at HardTech? Contact and ask about partnership opportunities.

Premium Content

HardTech brings together industry leaders in hardware technology to discuss the latest developments in the field and share their insights.

Build Connections

Connect with 500+ attendees across Canada in various ways; participate in matchmaking, learn from experts, or socialize and network over coffee and drinks.

Expand Knowledge

Learn about challenges from established Founders and discover the kinds of support is available from advisors and enterprises.

Discover New Companies

Eight Canadian companies developing hardware and semiconductor-focused products will pitch for a cash prize.

Past Speakers

Mary Ng

Minister of International Trade


View Bio

Kevin O'Neil

VP, Intellectual Property

AMD Canada

View Bio

Linda Zadeh

CEO and Co-Founder

EPIC Semiconductors

View Bio

Tariq Rehman

Senior Strategy Manager, IoT


View Bio

TJ Walia

Business & Product Lead

Microsoft Azure IoT (Canada)

View Bio

Jamie Dinsmore

President and CEO

Siemens Industry Software

View Bio

Rachel Bartholomew

Founder & CEO

Hyivy Health

View Bio

Manjula Selvarajah

Tech Columnist


View Bio

Ray Minato

President and Founder


View Bio

Event Features

Meeting Exchange

Pre-book one-on-one meetings and make valuable connections in growing and scaling your business. Investors, funders, venture advisors, and corporates interested in participating as hosts please contact


HardTech features in-depth and candid conversations with leaders of industry on innovation, the supply chain disruption, chip shortages, automobility, medical technologies, optimizing talent in tech, and more.

Live DemonstrationS

Get a look at Canada’s top companies with hardware and semiconductor-focused products as well as service providers that are potential future partners for your business.

Access to a Broader Audience

HardTech being hybrid means potential connections across the country and around the world.


Take advantage of a concentrated gathering of Founders and advisors in the hardware and semiconductor space.





9:30 AM


Join us for a continental breakfast to kickstart an amazing day full of learning and discssions around hardware and semiconductor technologies.

10:15 AM

Opening Remarks

ventureLAB CEO, Melissa Chee, welcomes you to HardTech 2022.


Melissa Chee

10:30 AM

Opening Keynote: Innovation in Canada

Innovation in Canada: Dealing with Supply Chain Disruptions and the effects on National Security and Economic Development

The global Supply Chain Disruptions are unfortunately not a thing of the past, and will continue to be a still pressing topic in 2022 and beyond. These concerns have only been climbing with increase in inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide.

While there are no quick fixes for global issues, Canada is navigating through pivots and security measures that will combat the negative impacts on security and economic development. 

11:30 AM

HardTech Pitch Competition: Session #1

Four out of eight Canadian hardware companies will pitch for a chance to win from a pool of $50,000 in cash prizes

12:15 PM


1:15 PM

MedTech: Using Advanced Manufacturing and AI to Thrive

Healthcare is one of Canada’s hallmark industries and also systematically antiquated. Through AI and Advanced Manufacturing, Canadian companies and startups are finding intelligent solutions to propel healthcare into a previously only imagined future.

A surge in advanced manufacturing has created superior medical device technology for Canadians that is revolutionizing patient care, surgical timelines, and recovery. Coupled with AI, which has brought more intelligent data and decision-making to diagnosis and treatment plans, Canadian healthcare is finding itself revolutionized by an upsurge in technological applications. 

Hear from the leading Canadian medical device manufacturer, [speaker], [speaker], [speaker], on how Canada is becoming a leader in MedTech and patient care.

2:00 PM

HardTech Pitch Competition: Session #2

The four remaining hardware companies present their innovation, vying for a chance to win up to $50,000 in cash prizes

3:00 PM

Speed is King: Innovations in Vehicles, Mobility and AI

Smart mobility is essential for smart cities. It is imperative that cities begin to leverage AI and improved decision-making to create cities with improved flow, increased efficiencies, removed redundancies and fuel emission and benefit the quality of life for inhabitants. All of this can only occur when smart mobility and vehicle & AI innovations are allowed free reign to progress quickly.

How can we drive smart mobility up to speed? On Wednesday, November 9th, learn how smart mobility and innovations in vehicles and AI technology will transform lives and communities. 

3:45 PM


A series of rapid fire meeting exchanges to meet investors, service providers, and other entrepreneurs

4:45 PM

Closing Session: Optimizing Tech Talent

Optimizing Tech Talent in Advanced Manufacturing and AI Innovations

From automotive design to large-scale manufacturing plants to additive manufacturing and AI innovations - Canada is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge advanced manufacturing and AI technology. However, attracting STEM talent and optimizing it for Advanced Manufacturing and AI Innovations is crucial for executing on Canadian tech potential. 

How can companies best leverage the tech talent both here and abroad and optimize this talent to progress faster and farther? Find out on Wednesday, November 9th from (speaker) (speaker) & (speaker), moderated by (moderator) just how to take advantage of this moment in time. 

5:30 PM

Cocktail Hour / Pitch Competition Awards Ceremony

Join us for cocktails as the pitch jury deliberates and reveal their choices for the winners of this year's HardTech Pitch Competition


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